About Us


 How was Armour Gaming Born

Armour Gaming was established in the mid year of July 2020, by an individual with enthusiasm for the sheer need of creating high quality engineered products, for the gaming republican consumers of gamers around the globe. We are here to construct monumental intuitive peripheral gaming products for your fulfillment.

Why Was Armour Gaming Formed

At, Armour Gaming, we are fixated on the longevity and satisfaction of our gaming consumers. Our company is here to serve you, and framed to meet your needs and requirements. We are sturdy for caliberly formulated products for our gamers. With our first product being the Armour SP9 Mousepad. Since that unique development, we made the primary focus to pivot on what our consumers need and hearing back from our community. We are devoted to building revolutionary products. Our focal point is to drive proficient gaming farther than anybody imagined. Prototyping and manufacturing peripherals to make gaming done more consequential and more far reaching for gamers everywhere. Armour Gaming is a Canadian Founded Company, that centers an insight for our Enthusiasts! We are here to configure the top feasible PC Gaming products!

Why Be Part Of the Armour Regime

Armour Gaming markets products to guarantee you the right industry of gaming ,while putting you, the gamer, at the front line of all that we do. Tip top level PC peripherals aren't sufficient without world class level customer care. We accept that request of our customers and request reaction times assume a significant part in how the consumer sees our image. That is the reason we have put a great deal of spotlight on ensuring things get conveyed to our customers as fast as we could! Reasonably we are here to necessitate expected questions getting addressed rapidly and precisely for our Armour brotherhood. All things considered,  elite level PC peripherals aren't anything without first class level customer feedback and care!

Our Mission

Armour Gaming is a main worldwide designer and maker of elite apparatus and innovation for gamers, content makers, and PC aficionados. From grant wanted peripherals, Armour Gaming conveys a vision that cooperates to empower PC gamers. From easygoing gamers to submitted experts, to perform at their very best! We are a Company that is heavily focused on PC hardware peripherals and the diverse engineering of our Armour Products.

Why Choose Armour Products

We are committed to delivering the most creative, first class level PC peripherals and making them available for each gamer and lover around the world. We make first class PC gaming products that level up your game! Since we delivered our absolute first mousepad, we've devoted ourselves to climbing the limits of plausibility and moving business as usual inside the PC gaming industry. We've built up a line of favorable gauge products to review, top stunning gear that was once far off for the normal gamer, and we sell it at costs that are in every case affordable.


What We Do Here At Armour

Our fans, clients, and customers request a definitive execution from us. We join the need of expert evaluation quality and sturdiness with our steady quest for a basic, present day plan. Each click,clack, and button is planned in view for all the precedent upper class gamers. It's our objective to convey gaming peripherals that vibe like an augmentation of you. Our planners hand-pick each material to ensure you have a delightful item and our designers test each element, guaranteeing a competition prepared for the Armour quality! We wanted to bring a creative plan, which meant innovating revolutionary PC gaming products for all gamers to appreciate and want in the peripheral market. Regardless of whether you're simply getting into PC gaming or have numerous ambitions for gaming products, here at Armour Gaming we abandon nobody. Our Products are made only for you!